How do I know if you are the right therapist for me?

The best way is to ask your questions during our phone conversation and then to come in for an initial evaluation. While I am evaluating you and your circumstances to see if I can help you, it is your opportunity to evaluate me and see if I am the right fit for you as well. The best thing is to come in for a consultation.


How often and how long do I come to individual therapy?

The first session a really about getting to know you and understanding what you're going through. You'll have the opportunity to meet with me so that you can determine if working with me is your best option. I will evaluate your concerns based upon the information that you share.


Can an individual and therapist have a relationship outside of therapy?

No. This does not mean that one cannot have any contact with the therapist outside of the therapy situation. This is especially true in small towns where social contact may be inevitable


Will my therapist be angry if I switch to another practitioner?

The answer to this question should be no. Therapists are professionals who should have the best interest of their patient at heart. Any decision to switch therapists should be explored with the therapist.


Which is better, therapy or medication?

Both medication and therapy have been shown to be effective in treating mental disorders. The medication can offers relief from symptoms, and psychotherapy enables the individual to gain knowledge about a condition and how to handle it.


If you any further questions about our services, please feel free to call us at 954.289.5685 or contact us here.


In preparation for your first session, please download each of the forms below. Print, complete and bring them to our office at the time of your first appointment.

  • Personal Information/Release of Information Form

  • Information Consent Form